LMC Paraprofessional, Medinah Elementary-Roselle, IL

If interested must apply quickly as position is nearing the final stages of search. –Admin.

Library Media Center Paraprofessional

JobID: 777

Medinah School District 11

Position Type:
Support Staff/Library Media Assistant

Date Posted:

Medinah Primary School

Date Available:

QUALIFICATIONS: Must be Highly Qualified by the Illinois State Board of Education’s standards —- which includes either:

a) Having a Paraprofessional Certificate

b) Having a Valid Teaching certificate

Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

REPORTS TO: Library Media Technology Center Director and Building Principal


Maintaining the job objective will involve maintaining the following technology-related items:

A. Laptop computers at the school

B. Digital cameras with software and photo quality printers at the school

C. Web sites for the School

D. New Follett LMC software and hardware for the school

E. Virus check computers at the school

In-service LMTC, teaching staff and students on the proper operation and utilization of the laptop computers.

· Have circulation computer, patron cards, date due cards ready for checkout (daily).

· Turn on all computers in LMC and CL if they are not already turned on.

· Turn off all computers in LMC and CL at end of day, 3:30p.m.

· Input new students and maintain corrections for Follett and Scholastic Reading Counts.

Assist with the district property appraisal as assigned.

In-service LMTC and teaching staff on the proper operation and utilization of the digital cameras, software, and photo quality printers.

Assist with problems in the following area; printers, computers, network, software, Internet, E-mail at the school:

· Link two or more TV monitors together.

· Set up programming for Cable in the Classroom.

· Replace projector lamps.

· Maintain inventory of batteries, projector lamps, and blank audiocassettes.

Updating and maintaining virus check computers at the school.

Keeps library media center open and functioning in absence of the LMTC director.

Performs LMTC technical tasks.

Performs clerical tasks:

· Schedule, distribute and retrieve AVID loans and direct loans.

· Process (check-off, property stamp, barcode, reinforce or laminate jacket) new books and other materials. Until such times as there are no more new materials, this should be worked on anytime there is a “lull.”

· Straighten books on shelves. Maintain order (daily).

· Straighten tables, chairs, and computers in LMC and CL (daily).

· Be aware of anything in the Medinah Message, Weekly Reminder, Friday Details, Schedules, and Email that affects the LMC or CL (daily).

· Unlock all doors at beginning of day; lock at end.

· Assist students and staff in research or book choices. Leave only if directed by teacher.

· Run and distribute student and staff overdue notices every Friday. Track staff periodical check-outs.

· File publishers’ catalogs. Weed old and duplicate catalogs.

· Deliver and retrieve equipment as necessary per reserves schedule.

· Pull books as requested for teachers’ units.

· Reshelve books if no student helpers.

· Maintain Purchase Order Book.

Works with children and teachers in LMTC associated functions.

· Know the operation of and assist students or staff with:

– Microsoft Word

– Internet

– Virus Scan

– Scholastic Reading Counts

– All electronic database subscriptions, i.e. World Book, Electric Library, Middle Search, Infotrac, Hardware, i.e. Camcorders, digital camera, laptops, LCD projector, scanner

Other duties as assigned.


Regular school year as set by the Board.

Salary schedule as established by the negotiated agreement.


Building Principal/LMTC Director

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